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Our Taste Positioning

Understanding Taste

Taste is the number one driver of consumer choice in food and beverages. Understanding how we experience taste is fundamental to unlocking how consumers evaluate and make food choices. So what exactly do we mean by taste?

The key is in the harmonious connection between the culinary arts, the foundation of science and the infusion of cultural, demographic and social influences.

Taste is a powerful and complex thing. It’s not just about flavour, or about sweet, salty, bitter or sour. It’s a multi-sensory human experience – a layered effect of appearance, sound, touch, basic tastes, mouthfeel and aroma – all influenced by our cultures, life stages, individual preferences and mindset.

At Kerry, we dig deep into our food heritage and work closely with sensory scientists across the globe to understand how the consumer processes the total taste experience. We then apply our food technology know-how, advanced culinary knowledge, applications expertise and market insights to help our customers create food and beverage products that consumers enjoy and feel better about.

Taste as Experience

We are experts in understanding how taste is created from a culinary perspective, searching the culinary world for the newest and most innovative dishes and flavours. We bring new platforms to life by translating the techniques and methods used to create authentic and delicious taste experiences.

As consumers change, so do the foundations of taste. Globalisation, world travel and a changing multi-cultural household are opening up new taste experiences, giving consumers access to a greater variety of flavours and ethnic cuisines than ever before. Almost half of global consumers agree that their taste in food has changed as a result of exposure to foods from other cultures.

We go to great lengths to understand the core foundation from which consumers’ taste experiences are formed, analysing cultural upbringing, life stage and purchase behaviours to deliver on the key areas of the taste experience that resonate most with them.

Key Flavour Trends and Drivers

Today, consumers are looking for great-tasting products created from trusted, authentic and wholesome foods and flavours. And Kerry is in a prime position to deliver on these core attributes.

This extensive approach to taste is grounded in four basic areas:

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