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As consumers demand a return to real food and beverage products, Kerry is responding with better, more authentic and nutritious taste experiences. We merge the science of taste with the science of nutrition to develop products that satisfy a fundamental human need: to eat, to eat well and to be healthy.

Taste Portfolio

Consumers want great-tasting products created from trusted, authentic and wholesome foods and flavours. We understand the fundamental science of taste: flavour, appearance, texture, aroma, mouthfeel, stability and sensorial experiences. We understand consumer desires and needs, and we have the technology and expertise to meet these needs. We have an unrivalled expertise in beverage, sweet & culinary application & flavour creation.

Customised Taste and Nutrition Systems

Consumers’ preferences are continually changing. But, one thing has remained constant – taste continues to be the number one purchase driver of foods and beverages. 

Along with our Taste Portfolio, and our Nutritional Actives and Functional Solutions, Kerry’s Customised Taste and Nutrition Systems help deliver taste that will delight consumers while delivering against nutritional requirements.

Nutritional and Functional Ingredients

Creating food that tastes good and makes people feel better – that’s what Kerry is all about. Behind every delicious sip and mouthful is a wealth of scientific research and innovation.

Our technological and scientific expertise means we can deliver exactly what’s in demand while allowing our customers to manage resources efficiently.

Pharmaceutical Systems

Kerry is a world leader in excipients and media supplements for the biotech, pharmaceutical and nutrition markets. Our investment in research, technology, new drug and delivery formulation puts us at the cutting edge.

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