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Health & Wellbeing

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees is a priority for Kerry. As a Group, we have targeted a 5% year-on-year improvement in our health and safety metrics. In 2018, we delivered an improvement of 8%, resulting in a cumulative 30% improvement since the commencement of our Towards 2020 Programme in 2015. While this represents significant progress, we recognise that there is no acceptable level of accident or injury and so continue to strive for the safest possible working environment.

Given the significant time employees spend in the workplace, we know that as an employer we can play an important role in personal wellbeing beyond health and safety. At Kerry, we want to support our colleagues in leading healthier, more active lives and in 2018, we defined four key areas of support: Nutritional, Emotional, Physical and Financial. Within this global framework, we have begun to expand a number of locally relevant initiatives and promote a greater awareness around the concept of wellbeing. 

Kerry Group International Soccer Tournament

This year we celebrate Kerry’s 23rd International Soccer Tournament, where we bring together teams from around the world in the spirit of health, sport and collaboration. The soccer tournament is played at the home of our headquarters in Tralee, Co. Kerry in Southwest Ireland and represents one of the many workplace initiatives we run throughout the year to encourage people to lead more healthy and active lifestyles while having fun with colleagues. Last year we welcomed almost 300 colleagues to the event from all across our business and we look forward to growing the tournament even further in 2019.