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Diversity & Inclusion

At Kerry Group we are a growing, thriving, global company reliant on the skills, capabilities and commitment of all employees. We encourage all our people to achieve their full potential and fully contribute to the success of the business.

We are committed to ensuring we have an inclusive and multicultural workforce, where  all individuals irrespective of race, colour, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, nationality, age, disability, and marital and parental status are able to actively participate in delivering our ambitions.

To thrive globally we will build a strong foundation of tolerance and curiosity, while developing and embracing a truly diverse workforce. We encourage and embrace, differences in terms of education, experience, background, thinking styles, insights, values, personality and experience. Our Diversity & Inclusion commitments are embedded in our culture and ways of working and include the following:

  • To attract the best, grow and ignite their talents and deliver sustainable success for all, by building an empowered and diverse workforce. 
  • To offer colleagues valuable learning experiences and development, which empowers them to achieve their career ambitions and realise their full potential.
  • To enable colleagues to find a balanced way to realise career aspirations and life goals.
  • To fulfil our responsibilities to the communities in which we are located, by creating a connection between ourselves and our neighbours that enables both them and our company to thrive.
  • To foster an environment where independence of thought is highly valued and where all individuals are encouraged to achieve their full potential and fully contribute to the goals of the company.
Gender & Pay

At Kerry, we believe in paying people fairly for the job that they do and for their personal contribution to the success of the organisation, regardless of their gender. We are confident that male and female colleagues are paid equally for equivalent jobs.


In accordance with UK legislation, Kerry has published its first reports on ‘Gender Pay Gap’ for our UK employee population. Gender pay gap looks at the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings regardless of role.


Kerry has two business entities in the UK which are subject to reporting and for both employing entities, our average and median gender hourly pay gaps compare favourably with the current national average median gap of 18.2%. These reports on Gender Pay Gap can be found below. 

13th Mar 2018

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