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With 23,000 employees across the globe, our diverse high performance teams are key to our innovative culture and ongoing success. Retaining and developing their enthusiasm and determination to succeed is central to the Group’s strategy for growth and development. At Kerry Group, we aim to provide an environment where each employee can flourish. To do this we focus our efforts under the workplace pillar on ethical business practices, mutual respect and the provision of a safe and healthy workplace.

Our Values

Achieving business results ethically and legally will always be an absolute expectation at Kerry Group because our everyday actions are the basis of trusting, productive relationships with each other and with our stakeholders. Through our Code of Conduct, we set out a commitment to live our values and focus attention on ethical business practice.

Kerry is a non-partisan organisation and Group businesses are prohibited from supporting political parties, either directly or indirectly. The Group or its constituent businesses do not make financial contributions to political parties, political candidates or public officials.

The Group also has detailed polices around Fraud, Bribery, Money Laundering, Lobbying and much more to help inform and direct employee behaviour. We also provide a facility for employees  and third parties with concerns to report these anonymously. The ‘Voice a Concern’ Ethics Hotline is a confidential reporting system available online or by telephone in more than 100 languages.