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    02/12/2021 16:30 GMT
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Better for Planet

Producing food is resource intensive. Food and agriculture already account for a quarter of global emissions and over 70% of freshwater withdrawals and this continues to grow as food production expands to meet the needs of a growing global population.

The way in which we produce food needs to be reimagined to support healthy people and a healthy planet. Our dependence on the resources provided by nature are such that if we continue to produce food under the current approach, we put at risk the very elements that we rely on for our future wellbeing.

Many of these challenges are interrelated and we cannot tackle them in isolation. There is also an urgency to act as we may only have a short window of opportunity in which to address and remedy these issues. In response, we are setting ambitious targets across key aspects for our business and co-creating solutions with our customers to achieve a lower environmental footprint.