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Health & Nutrition

Everyday millions of people consume food or beverage products produced by Kerry or by our customers using our solutions. With the continued growth in the world's population and an increasing awareness of the link between diet and health, consumer expectations are changing and at Kerry we are positioned to support the transition to healthier diets and lifestyle.

We support our customers with unique and comprehensive insights into the nutritional needs of consumers around the world. Our continued investment in understanding the changing landscape of health and nutrition enables us to help customers stay ahead of trends driven by new nutritional demands and changing global dynamics. This gives us an unrivalled platform from which to deliver our Marketplace ambition.

Our expertise in the area of nutritional science is helping our customers to deliver more innovative and nutritious products. For more details on our Taste & Nutrition capabilities see

Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute

In 2015, we established the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute(KHNI), a destination for expert insight into the science and policy of health, nutrition & general wellness. 

KHNI was founded by Kerry to provide information on scientific research and communicate the latest developments in nutrition science and health to further highlight nutritional advancements in food and beverage product development. 

Supported by a Scientific Advisory Council, the Institute promotes and develops technologies that meet consumer needs as they seek to pursue healthier diets and lifestyles, and brings industry leading insight to the science and policy of health, taste, nutrition and general wellness. The Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute also allows Kerry to engage with other thought leaders in the fields of food science, academic research, government policy and the food industry.

Kerry Foods 'Better For You Programme'

Within our consumer foods division, Kerry Foods, we continue to look at how to improve our branded products through the ‘Better For You’ Programme. The primary focus of the programme is to reduce calories, saturated fat, sugars, salt and add positive nutrition as appropriate, without compromising on taste.

Following on from previous reformulation work and in line with Public Health England’s (PHE) reformulation targets, in 2018 we achieved a 13% reduction in salt in our Richmond sausage brand and building on the 5% sugar reduction achieved within the yoghurt category in 2017, we continue to reduce sugar to meet the PHE’s 2020 sugar reformulation targets.