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Water is essential to the ongoing operation of our business and we rely on the availability of sufficient quantities of clean, fresh water to produce our products. From raw materials through to maintaining product safety and quality, water is a critical ingredient for our future success.

With increasing pressure on this shared resource, we are aware of the importance of protecting water sources and using water as efficiently as possible. We ensure that we protect natural water sources by meeting all requirements relating to waste water from our sites and aim to reduce the amount of water we use by 7%, versus a 2013 baseline. In 2019, we exceeded our target with a 9% reduction in water intensity, delivering on our Towards 2020 goal.

We look for opportunities to reduce and reuse water where possible. At our facility in Newmarket, we have implemented an award-winning water recovery project. Here the production of whey leaves behind a waste stream that is mostly water. Traditionally, this was discharged as a waste, however, now this permeate is treated to bring it up to potable standard and the recovered water is used on site reducing the sites overall water intake.

Water2013 Base YearTowards 2020 Target2019 Target2019 Performance
m³ per Tonne FG 5.6 5.25 5.25 5.14
% Change -7% -7% -9%
Water Sources
Municipal Supply   40%
Local Abstraction   55%
Rainwater Harvesting   5%
Water Use
Americas   40%
Europe   45%
Consumer Foods   8%
APMEA   7%
Water Risk

Against the backdrop of rising water demand, we continue to view our water footprint within the broader context of global water risk. Given the uneven distribution of water resources, some of our locations are potentially more vulnerable to physical water risk. To help determine how increasing competition for scarce water resources may impact Kerry, we use the World Resources Institute’s Aqueduct Tool to help in our assessment.

Using this tool, we have identified nine locations globally as priority water sites. Although less than 3% of the Group's total water volume is withdrawn in these regions, we carefully monitor water usage at these facilities and our efficiency across these locations significantly exceeds that for the Group.

1 Priority Sites 6 Priority Sites 2 Priority Sites