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The increasing impact of man-made activities on natural ecosystems is widely acknowledged. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, access to water, all of these are issues with universal consequences and there is a growing awareness of their potential impact on human development. The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals and the ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change are positive steps towards more collective action, however, much remains to be done to effectively tackle many of these challenges.

To help ensure good environmental stewardship within our operations, the Group’s Environmental Policy sets out our core goals for managing impacts at site level. Ongoing improvement projects in our focus areas of EmissionsWater and Waste are supported by new technologies, processes, innovation and by some of the most experienced and highly trained experts in the industry.

Across all Kerry Group manufacturing sites, we are committed to reducing GHG emissions and lowering our carbon footprint, reducing our water intensity and improving stewardship in areas of water scarcity. We are seeking to make more efficient use of inputs and to minimise our waste. Where we do have waste streams we want to turn these into a resource and have a target of Zero Waste to Landfill by 2020. 

To support these efforts on environmental stewardship, accredited environmental management systems are being rolled out across qualifying sites. We have made great progress with the majority of sites having already achieved ISO 14001 and we continue to advance certification of the Group's remaining locations with anticipated completion in 2018.