Annual Report 2020

Our Business Model

Our customer-centric business model is the industry reference and central to our circular approach to creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. It comprises three core elements – a diverse portfolio of foundational technologies, a unique integrated value creation engine and unparalleled customer and channel access.

How Our Integrated Approach Creates Sustainable Value for all Stakeholders

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Our Technology Strategy – Breadth | Depth | Integration

Our technology strategy is built on three principles: breadth of technology capability, depth and expertise within each of these technologies, and critically the integration of these technology capabilities to deliver unique and value-added solutions for our customers.

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How Our Technologies are Deployed

Our broad range of Core Technologies across Taste and Nutrition are enabled through our Process Technologies, embedded in our Integrated Technologies and help us to create unique Integrated Solutions for our customers across our Food, Beverage and Pharma end use markets.

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